Islamic Numerology System

Islamic Numerology had been in practice for long time but on personal basis, the person should approach the Numerologist seeking solutions for their problem . this method is comprehensive and accurate and has 4 components and can be used for numerous things in life.
such as Moving in to new house, starting a business, proposing to dream girl, patching up with a friend, seeking a loan or help from the Government, all these are possible to achieve with 100 percent success provided you initiate on the positive day, there are 1 positive day in every 9 days in a row or 3 positive days in a month, any body born with a different birth date can try on the particular day and would find the result amazing with 100 percent success.
Every person are born with natural talent that is associated with his hidden element, this element is the instrument driving you through the positive ideas that would be realized according to your desire that is what called positive cycle. there is no inferior person or superior person, all has the various degree of knowledge , what is very important is the timing, ( the timing is positive cycle ) So any one who start his desire on positive cycle would certainly reap the benefit . So it is very simple to calculate the positive number. suppose you are leaving on business trip with an anticipation of big order from your your client, choose the day. like say 1-12-1431 = 13=4 ( 1+4 = 5 total 14 = 5 ) the 5 symbol of success and wealth, for political success please choose number 1. for harmonious living choose number 3 for house warming . for lasting relationship choose number 6 to register the marriage or conduct the wedding .
1) According to this method your birth date is the reflection of your physical appearance and natural habits ( mother number
2) your combination number, ( your birth date month and year all added together ) is revealing about your ground or a role you suppose to play in this world. ( father number )
3) your name number: this is very important as this have to be harmoniously aligned with your product number (hidden element ) in order to sail smoothly in life ( Destiny number
4) Now, the product number: this is your destiny or driving force of your inner self ( hidden element
how you will find your product number. as you know every person are the product of A & B ( your parent ) so when you add your mother number ( date of Birth ) with your father number (Birth date and month and Year all Added ) you will get your own number , this is what you are, this is your hidden element that will guide you through the process of life.
Therefore your name should be aligned with your hidden element.
the calculation method are like this : suppose you born on 23-12- 2009 =19=1
Your birth number 23 : 2 + 3 = 5. is ( your mother number )
Your combination number 19 : 1+ 9 = 10 = 1 is ( your father
number ) ( combination number . dd//mm//yy/ = )
When you plus the both 5 + 1 = 6 :
Yes , The number 6 is your own product and hidden element , Which will drive your life with a great force and influence .
therefore when you choose a name , you have to align that with number 6 in order to have a smooth sailing:. As you know there is vowel and consonant: like example. the vowel may be 3 the consonant can be 8 your name number could be 31. when you plus these 3 components 3 + 8 + 31 = 42 = 6
AS you know, there is vowel and CONSONANT in all language. in English E A I O U are vowel in TAMIL AH. EE. UO, AY, O. are vowel . in Arabic , see alpha numerical table..
So, you have to choose the ALPHA ( letters ) with vowel and consonant arriving to same as your product number. regardless of your name number .
1 – 5 – 7 = positive
2 – 4 – 8 = negative
3 – 6 – 9 = neutral .
So, I call all of those interested to try and have a meaning full life , which you can control and achieve what ever your desire may be .
Thanks. bye.
( this article is copy righted and the work of :
Abdusalaam s/o Shaik Allawdin

Copyright 2010 Islamic Numerology. All rights reserved.




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  1. dear sir, your mind is the ultimate power that control your behavior, when your mind in state of confusion any decision that you made would bring undesirable consequences ,this Islamic numerology is to provoke your inner element to think positively to achieve your worldly desires. I hope you understand it is you make it or break it. any way. do your signature as follow .
    SHAIK M SHAAFI. from this coming FRIDAY night. keep doing (sign ) it for 45 days. you will see the results .


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